• Board-certified Gynecologist
  • Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • Practicing Physician and Founder of MiBella Wellness
  • Leading expert in Anti-Aging Medicine
  • Leading expert in Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Mia T. Cowan, MD MBA MA, aka “Dr. Mia” is among the country’s most well-known and respected gynecologist. She travels throughout the U.S. lecturing on strategies for improving the quality of life of women struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Mia is also a respected expert, visionary, and leading thinker in the area of anti-aging medicine. She has been published in respected medical journals and is frequently called upon by local and national media to give a fresh perspective and new information on women’s health trends regarding hormone balance.

Dr. Mia is the practicing gynecologist and founder of MiBella Wellness- an institute that teaches women to “live well, age beautifully” through hormone balance and total wellness. She is the chief medical advisor of MiaCowanMD.com, where she discusses real-world strategies to help her “Ageless Belles” take control of their health. Dr. Mia emphasizes prevention and lifelong wellness offering a traditional AND holistic approach to women’s health. A few words come to mind when describing Dr. Mia – Author, Blogger, Brand Ambassador, National Speaker, and the go-to Media Expert on women’s health. But those who’ve have seen her ON CAMERA can usually describe her in one word – REAL.

Dr. Mia earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Master of Arts degree in Health Education and Promotion from the University of Alabama. She completed her Doctorate of Medicine and residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the Medical College of Wisconsin. She received her training as a Bariatric Medicine Specialist from the Center for Medical Weight Loss and has a Master of Business Administration degree from Auburn University.

TV Appearances
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Auburn University

“Learned new and valuable info on how business affects healthcare. Practical Lecture”

Youth Men’s Christian Association

“Excellent talk. Such a Motivating Message for our youth.”

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