Dear Ageless Belles,

I am Dr. Mia Cowan, your Board Certified Gynecologist and The B3 Specialist.  I help women improve their quality of life through B3, beauty, balance and belief.  I am a woman, just like you and my goal is to teach you to live well and age beautifully through prevention, healthy living and hormonal balance.  I want you to LIVE your BEST HEALTHY LIFE just like me.

I’m a southern girl, raised in Alabama, one of the fattest states in the country, ranking at 5 of 51 states. In Alabama, we have some of the best food, and unfortunately most of it is high in calories and fat, which adds to our obesity epidemic.  We also have some of the best cooks, including my mom, who is a traditional southern cook, known for her pound cake, rich dressing, tender barbeque ribs and delicious lasagna, to name of few of her most requested dishes. My father was a picky eater, so growing up my Mom did not add garlic or onions to her recipes, but after my parents divorced, I began to enjoy her flavorful dishes with the addition of herbs and spices. Unfortunately, I fell in love with food.

As you can see, I became a foodie and as a result I began to eat more calories. Before long I was getting fat and I had to struggle very hard to change those behaviors.  I had to decide to either eat “good food” rich in calories and fat,  and be fat, or choose healthier low calorie foods so I could be beautiful, balanced and believe in me again. I’ve personally struggled with my weight since college, and as I aged, I noticed my weight worsening. Balancing between being a busy doctor, getting married and starting a family worsened my plight. My weight kept increasing and after a while, I noticed that no one turned around to “check me out” when I walked in a room, which made me feel less confident and unsexy.

I thought the struggle was real until I got pregnant, and ate all the “good food” I could get my hands on, because for the first time in over a decade, I was not  on a “diet”.  As a result I gained over 60 pounds during my pregnancy and to make it more difficult, I was over 30 with a low metabolism. I had to learn how to lose the weight again, but keep it off this time, and as you know – the struggle got REAL!  After failing at several fad diets and feeling miserable with achy knees, fatigue, and the inability to wear any of my clothes, I realized I had to do something before this weight began to negatively affect my B3, beauty, balance and belief.

I decided to get training in medical weight loss to help myself get out of that rut, but also to help many of my patients who were struggling with the same issues. For years my patients had been asking how to improve their energy and lose weight. I had been telling them to exercise and make healthy choices, without being able to teach them how.  When I started my practice, I was on my way to reaching my weight loss goals and in a wonderful place to teach my patients.  As I continued to age and lose the weight, I started to notice a decrease in my muscle, weight gain in my belly, fatigue, irritability, increased anxiety, difficulty sleeping and low sex drive. Yes, I was getting fat again, but even worse…I started feeling old and less desireable!  I had been trying to help many of my patients with these symptoms for years, and after more in depth medical training and research, I realized that the help came through HORMONE balance and HEALTHY living.  When I went to advanced hormone training, I received my first testosterone pellet, and life completely changed for me, Dr. Mia was back!!! I was happy and energetic again, losing weight and  getting back into my old clothes, sleeping well, feeling younger and healthier,  and enjoying my sex life with my wonderful husband! By changing my behaviors, losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight, my health improved and I felt more in control of my destiny.  By teaching healthy living and providing hormonal balance, I have the pleasure of watching my patients & ME live well and age beautifully!

Your B3 Specialist,



Auburn University

“Learned new and valuable info on how business affects healthcare. Practical Lecture”

Youth Men’s Christian Association

“Excellent talk. Such a Motivating Message for our youth.”

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