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Hello ladies! It’s me Dr. Mia. I’m your board-certified gynecologist and B3 SPECIALIST. I help women “my ageless belles” struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and low sex drive improve their B3 beauty, balance, and belief through education and cutting-edge medicine (programs, media, speaking, blogs and books) so they can “live well, age beautifully.” Let’s learn about the thyroid hormone.

Thyroid hormone is one of the most undertreated hormones, symptoms should be treated guided by labs, instead of only treating labs and ignoring symptoms.

  1.     Thyroid hormone controls and regulates temperature, METABOLISM, brain function and energy.  So Ageless Belles, when you are starting to gain weight without changing your diet and you notice that you are the only cold person in the room, or feeling tired and beat down all the time, there may be something going on with your thyroid function.  Other symptoms include depression, joint pain, constipation and dry skin.
  1.     Did you know that thyroid also increases fat breakdown to help with WEIGHT LOSS and lower cholesterol?  I see many women gaining weight and getting frustrated, and they all want their thyroid levels checked. Many times they have been told that their thyroid level is normal, which may be true, but the optimal level may be different for different women so we have to consider symptoms and not just numbers.  However, we still have to safely replace thyroid hormone to ensure that we don’t negatively affect your heart, so levels must be monitored very closely.  You know your levels are too high when your heart starts beating fast, you become sweaty and nervous, or start having tremors.
  1.     Many physicians treat the lab and not the symptoms.  There are 3 important components to the hormone panel and some docs only look at 1.  Again, it’s also important to make sure the levels are optimal and not just normal. And these levels may be different for each individual. So if levels are in range they may not be optimal if you are still tired, gaining weight, cold and having memory loss. In this case you should see, Dr. Mia, The B3 Specialist, for a thorough hormone work-up.
  1.     Low thyroid can make you weak, cold, tired and depressed. Low thyroid can make you gain weight and increase your body fat.  It can also negatively affect your memory, mood and sense of well-being.  In other words, low thyroid can make you feel crappy and miserable.
  1.     Thyroid can be treated with synthetic pharmaceutical drugs like synthroid and levothyroxine or more natural options like nature-throid and armour thyroid.  So if you are being treated for low thyroid and you are still having the symptoms mentioned, consider changing from a synthetic drug to a more natural option, and see The B3 Specialist, to optimize your thyroid safely, so you can Live Well and Age Beautifully! 
  2. Hypothyroidism affects 30-40% of Americans.  Adequate thyroid levels optimize health, well-being and quality of life.  So have your thyroid panel tested, and make sure that your thyroid levels are in the optimal range, and not just normal.  Total hormone balance allows you to experience beauty, balance and belief, which is total health and wellness!
So now you see that optimizing your thyroid levels can improve your quality of life so you can live well, age beautifully!  Optimal thyroid levels improve your beauty, balance and belief. Don’t forget to check out my FREE NEW eBOOK  “25 Secrets To Live Well, Age Beautifully.”

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