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Hello ladies! It’s me Dr. Mia. I’m your board-certified gynecologist and B3 SPECIALIST. I help women “my ageless belles” struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and low sex drive improve their B3 beauty, balance, and belief through education and cutting-edge medicine (programs, media, speaking, blogs and books) so they can “live well and age beautifully.” Let’s learn about Testosterone.

Testosterone is vital for beauty, balance and belief.

It naturally declines in the early 30’s – 40’s for many “Ageless Belles.” Lack of testosterone can negatively affect your beauty, balance and belief! The good news is The B3 Specialist can help you achieve complete balance, so you can “Live Well, Age Beautifully!

1. Low sex drive and rare orgasms?  Need Testosterone!

Although women have less testosterone than men, we still need to maintain adequate levels to help with our sex drive, sleep, energy, focus, memory, orgasm, mood and weight. Testosterone naturally starts to decline for women in the early to late 30’s, with the removal of ovaries and with the use of hormonal birth control.  Low T can affect your love life and your relationship, therefore if you are experiencing these symptoms you should have your levels checked right away! Healthy sexual relations improve your health and well-being, and adequate T levels improve your sexual desire and enjoyment. Women with low sex drive tend to experience more mental and physical health problems, in other words, healthy sex life = balanced life.

2. Tired of being tired?

Low T can also cause severe fatigue and cause problems with sleep. If you wake up tired and can’t sleep you should have your testosterone levels checked.  Fatigue can negatively affect mood and weight, and obviously, not being able to sleep well affects energy.

3. Moody, can’t stand yourself, and everyone leaves when you walk in the room?

Women can start experiencing mood changes like anxiety, irritability and depression with Low T. Replacing testosterone improves mood and decreases anxiety and depression.  Many women avoid anti-depressants and medications that treat anxiety by replacing testosterone, but sometimes combining testosterone and these medications can significantly improve quality of life by creating beauty, balance and belief.

4. Memory loss and Mind Fog?

Memory loss and mind fog are affected by testosterone levels.  When you can’t focus or remember small things, like why you walked in a room, it may be low T.  Professionally, mind fog and difficulty concentrating can take you off of your A game!  Maintaining healthy testosterone levels will decrease symptoms associated with Adult ADD. Have your levels checked to stay on your A game!

5. Increased belly fat and can’t lose weight with diet and exercise?

Low T can also make weight loss more difficult.  As we age we naturally lose muscle, which decreases metabolism and makes it hard to lose weight and maintain weight loss.  As we age and our testosterone declines, fat tends to accumulate in the belly. Testosterone balance helps to maintain muscle and decrease belly fat.  Indirectly, it helps with weight loss by increasing muscle, improving energy, sleep and mood, which puts us all in balance to enhance our beauty and belief!

Low Testosterone = fat, moody, low sex drive, lack of orgasm, fatigue & forgetfulness

Adequate Testosterone  = beauty, balance and belief

Now you know why Testosterone is so important. It truly improves your B3 beauty, balance, and belief. Don’t forget to check out my FREE NEW eBOOK to learn “25 Secrets to Live Well, Age Beautifully.”

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